Nästa helg ska jag dansa, Dansa hela natten lång...

Ja, Nästa helg är jag barnledig, Då blir det massa roligt vuxen bus ;P
Längtar efter att få se volbeat såklart, Har längtat hela sommaren.
Ska bli sjukt kul.

Ja och så blir det Olivers såklart & där ska jag dansa, dansa hela natten lång...!!

  I wanna be like the sunshine I wanna be like the rain
I wanna be like the ocean waves I love to feel that way So are you with me now,
we're reaching higher ground I wanna take you away
It's only when we're moving you're feeling what you're
...doing That's how we keep it going oh yeah

 Hold Tight, see you in the crowd and move Get your body working hard and grove
Feel the base nothing hold we down
Hold on tight if you can't hold out
See you dance when you hear this sound Get your body working harder now
Feeling like we can't break away Oh yea ee yee

Oh you feel it,
I wanna take you away Say, oh you need it,
 when the sun is going down on the day
I know it's all in the air Why hold it back I don't know
Things we do with no care
It's time we all let go So come on with me now,
we're reaching higher ground That's how I take you away'
Cause it's only when we're dancing the fever everlasting
And yea we keep it going all day

Jag vet då vem jag ska dansa hela natten med ;P


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